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Bernice Lee

Children’s Etiquette Consultant. Interview Coach. Public Speaker

Bernice Lee is the founder and director of ELI (pronounced “ee-lie”), also known as The Etiquette & Leadership Institute.  She possesses a unique combination of passion for helping young people, world-class educational credentials, and 10 years of corporate experience.  Since founding ELI in 2014, she has trained more than 400 people in Hong Kong and is described by clients as a professional who delivers results with patience and humor.


Ms. Lee is the first and only person in Hong Kong certified by The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of the U.S., the global leader in children’s etiquette training and an affiliate of the prestigious Protocol School of Washington.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Yale and a Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell.


As a children’s etiquette consultant, Ms. Lee uses a proven curriculum that is internationally copyrighted and used by over 1,200 consultants globally.  She helps children (ages 6+) to learn the rules of proper social behavior while instilling the underlying values of respect, consideration, and gratitude.  As one 7-year client glibly noted, “My brother said this class would be boring but, you know, it’s actually kind of fun!”  She has taught in the Hong Kong Cricket Club, Ladies Recreation Club, and various learning centers.


As an interview coach, Ms. Lee works closely with each client on content, body language, and tone of voice.  She helps them make quick, effective improvements by giving candid yet supportive feedback that’s grounded in seven years of experience as a senior human resources manager.  These clients are 13 years old and above.  She also runs interviewing technique workshops for entrepreneurs and hiring managers at Paperclip Academy.


A confident public speaker, Ms. Lee educates and inspires audiences by telling stories and providing practical tips in a fun, engaging way.  She has addressed groups of up to 150 people.  She has been featured in the South China Morning Post and Time Out Magazine, and has a regular column about children’s etiquette and manners in Whiz Kids Weekly Magazine.


In addition to personal consultations and group classes, Ms. Lee is available for speaking engagements.  She addresses parents, schools, companies and membership groups (e.g. PTA’s, Rotary Clubs, school alumni groups, etc.) on all matters related to etiquette, manners, and interviewing skills.



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