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Jake Tang

Motivational Speaker. Inspirational Trainer. Hong Kong Spirit Ambassador

Jake has been a disabled person since he was born.  As he was physically challenged, he experienced difficulties and hardship which would not have happened to a normal child.  Since childhood, Jake had learned to overcome these challenges and difficult situations with even greater efforts and unyielding determination.  Jake got his first degree at the age of 22 and he finished his master studies when he was 26.  In 1997, Jake started his own business by operating two learning centers for children and teenagers.  Jake also has been senior management in different organizations.  He is a registered social worker and is now a Training Consultant.  His training is to use his successful stories to help other people succeed.


Jake’s Mission:

To institute Positive Energy and Hope and Resolve onto people to help them build Success through Challenges and lead a bountiful Life.


Training Values:

  • Always Think Positively

  • Never Give Up

  • Be Self-confident

  • Be Caring and Helpful



Jake has developed six workshops in his self-designed “Speaking from the Heart” series. 

  • Life is a box of Chocolate

  • From Failure to Success

  • The Power of Positive Energy

  • Proven Formulae for Success

  • Life and Career-Making your Right Choice

  • No Individual is Perfect but a Team can be



“The Outstanding Trainer 2013 in Communication Skills Training Course” by the Open University

“Hong Kong Spirit Ambassador 2013”


Career Achievement:

Develop youth leadership programs at YMCA of Hong Kong (1991-1997)

Establish two learning centers for over 100 students at Wellness Training Development Centre (1997-2004)

Oversee the operation of six social enterprises at Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (2005-2006)

Train up over 100 disabled to secure jobs at Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power (2011-2014)


Voluntary Contribution:

Volunteer of Aberdeen Kai Fong Association Social Services Centre (1982-present)

Area K3 Governor of Toastmasters International Hong Kong (2009-2010)

Division K Governor of Toastmasters International Hong Kong (2010-2011)

Trainer of “Communication Skills Training Course” of the Open University (2011-present).


Education Background

BA Hon in Economics and Philosophy of the University of Hong Kong (1991)

Master in Social Work of the University of Hong Kong (1996)


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