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Milly Leung

Fashion Marketing Strategist. Lecturer. Founder of FASHION of DREAMWORLD TV

Milly has got her Masters degree in strategic fashion marketing at London College of Fashion of the University of the Arts London, she has over 10 years experiences as a specialist in branding, new concept designing, retailing, market segmenting, marketing communications, strategic marketing, consumer culture and lifestyle. She was a programme director, lecturer cum programme leader of fashion marketing and management programme in Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai which nurtures new talents and students from many provinces in China and international cities including Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Demark, Switzerland, Italy. She was also the fashion design and fashion marketing lecturer in Raffles Int'l College Hong Kong for six months.


Milly enjoys working in a multi-culture environment, she conducts R&D and collaborates creative business projects, seminars, fashion shows, events and exhibitions with experts from US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, North America, Middle East, Korea and China, they are specialists in global corporations, international retailing, medical science, information and technologies developer, multi-media, finance, hotel and hospitality consultancy, architect, interior design, education, apparel and manufacturing, marketing and public relations, advertising, filming and TV broadcasts. Her initiatives and practices have resulted in increased awareness of winning marketing strategies which she would like to contribute in her career. Moreover, she is pursuing a doctoral degree in an independent research project for her advanced studies.

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