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Ruth Benny

Speaker. Trainer. Coach

Ruth has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations reap the profitable rewards that come from developing outstanding public speaking skills.


Ruth, a trainer of 18 years’ experience and champion of more than 30 public speaking contests, works with others to develop their confidence in speaking. She works with novice and experienced speakers in sales and marketing, law and finance, as well as with entrepreneurs.

Ruth says, “With the right coaching, we can all speak in public as well as we do in private.”

Ruth’s philosophy on public speaking:


  • There is no such thing as a boring subject.

  • To be successful, your content must be crafted from the audience's point of view.

  • When you take some of the best techniques of Hollywood, copywriting and sales, then add them to your business or professional presentations, they will be dramatically improved.

  • The art is hiding the art.


What others say about Ruth:
"Thanks so much for your constructive feedback. You've given me lots of good things to ponder and many excellent ideas on how to improve and lift my game."
- Martin Lew, Asst GM, Operational Financial Control, Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels

"Ruth is a great mentor and trainer. Her specific advice made me more confident and ready to take up the challenges in various public speaking competitions."
- Winnie Yeung, 2010 Champion of the JCI World Public Speaking Championship

"If you want to improve your public speaking or your ability to organize, influence, and lead, Ruth is the person to call."
- Craig Valentine, World Champion of Public Speaking, 1999

"Ruth is an outstanding public speaker and presenter. She combines intelligence, wit and insight at a very high level to convey her message. She has the rare knack of keeping her language clear and simple yet apt and powerful."
- Paul Murray, Doctor, QHCA

"On stage, Ruth presents herself as calm, charismatic, and humourous."
- Eddie Lee, Executive Director, Halewinner Watches Group

"Ruth’s a gifted speaker. She speaks with passion, persuasiveness and professionalism. Ruth always gives the audience a new perspective - very enticing to thinking people."
- Jacky Lai, Barrister-at-Law

"Ruth is a STAR performer."
- Dorus Au, Project Manager at Travelzen



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