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Bjorn Turmann

Author. Speaker. Filmmaker. Business storytelling strategist

Bjorn Turmann’s professional speaking journey started at Microsoft selling software in Singapore in the early 1990s. “Fear of public speaking” quickly became Bjorn’s greatest asset. With limitless amounts of curiosity as his guide, Bjorn turned nervousness into strength; thriving on that incredible rush of adrenaline every time he had a chance to speak to groups of any size, in any situation.  His speaking strategies helped to take (what was then) a little product called PowerPoint and make it the global leader in corporate presentation tools. 


With his public speaking presence growing in Asia, Bjorn leveraged his greatest passion: stories; using this as the foundation for his speaking success. Over 20 years on, “Tell your story now” has been Bjorn’s philosophy for not only his own speaking and business strategies, but, more importantly, the consulting and coaching he does with clients in Asia-Pacific and beyond as the founding director of SpeakingEnergy™.


An author of three internationally acclaimed novels and a bestselling book on public speaking, SpeakingEnergy: Public Speaking for Humans…Finally! Bjorn is also the co-founder of a Vancouver based visual effects and animation company with multiple Oscar nominations.  Having written and directed short films and television, and acted in feature films, Bjorn takes this Hollywood storytelling experience and applies it to his unique SpeakingEnergy STAMP™ communications workshops and labs; sessions he has run for a long list of Fortune 500 companies, significantly impacting the way executives think about, structure and present their stories – particularly in competitive, high stakes business environments where the strength of a story is everything!


A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Bjorn is a passionate sports enthusiast and former athlete who played soccer at a professional level in Germany and Singapore, experience that he draws on in all leadership and team-building situations.  These days his workouts are either on a yoga mat, treadmill or doing as much walking as he possibly can, because, quote, “that’s when I do my best thinking.”


Great speaking means great storytelling. Tell your story now!  


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