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Developing a Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Mindset at Work & in Business

Global business engagements continue to expand within and across physical and virtual borders.  With that, there will continue to be an on-going need for Cultural Intelligence (CQ) education for business professionals.  CQ is different from Cultural Awareness because “awareness” takes an approach, which relies heavily upon assumptions of different nationalities.  Additionally, awareness ignores many other factors surrounding individual and group cultures.  CQ, on the other hand, is country-agnostic and relies on developing advanced skills to understand mental filters and how they affect business collaboration.  Enhanced CQ improves leadership abilities; it improves business collaboration; it improves team productivity; it improves overall organizational success.  And with this success comes an increase in an organization’s bottom line growth potential. 


This mini-workshop takes an open approach to enhancing CQ in the workplace, by not focusing on preconceptions of any culture; rather looking at the systemic triggers within individuals that defines cultures and affects workplace team collaboration. 


During the workshop, participants will:


  • Engage in open and interactive discussions around culture and implications

  • Discussions build upon the following topics:

    • Various aspects of Culture and Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

      • 3-levels of culture and the “Iceberg” effect

      • Different working dimensions of a Culture

      • CQ Circle of Excellence

    • Explore CQ connections to other aspects of intelligence (IQ, EQ, VQ)

    • Explore implications on team collaboration

    • Learn the leadership connection to CQ

  • Explore NLP techniques to better understand individual CQ filters

  • Engage in several entertaining & enlightening group exercises to:

    • Understand new methods of recognizing CQ triggers

    • Challenge and expand individual CQ boundaries

    • Increase overall CQ in multiple situations

  • Discover tips to apply towards enhancing the CQ of your business & work teams


All registered participants will receive a Cultural Intelligence quiz one day prior to the workshop to bring along with them.  In the workshop you’ll learn your results and determine your cultural flexibility.  This will be used as an individual baseline for your development during this workshop.



About the Speaker


Demetris Booth is a passionate speaker, coach, and corporate trainer who has been involved in public speaking for more than 20 years, beginning during his high school days.  He has extensive international business experience, having lived and worked in Japan, Switzerland, and now Hong Kong. With a professional background as a Technology Sales & Marketing Leader, Demetris has been an invited speaker at several technology conferences, and as served as spokesperson for the various organisations he’s been associated with.  Through this, he’s had the pleasure of speaking to large multi-cultural audiences of 1000 or more in over 25 different countries. His speeches and workshops draw upon his 15+ years of corporate business experience, as well as, concepts and skills derived from NLP, Neuro-Leadership, EQ-I 2.0, and Coaching.  His global clients, large and small, includes Google, ABN AMRO Bank, Blackriver Financial Services, Artisys Corporation, and Creative Consulting Group, to name a few.



Course Details


Date           : 20 September 2014 (Saturday)

Time           : 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Venue         : TKP Wan Chai Conference Centre, 17/F, East Town Building, 41 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Investment  : HK$1,299  (Early Bird at HK$799 only for sign-ups on or before 14 Sep 2014)


As seats are limited, please kindly sign up by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below which will link you to the PayPal payment page. Payment can be made by PayPal or credit cards. You can also signup by email to: with your full name, email and mobile number. Reservation on first-come-first-serve basis.



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